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Office for iPad: Is it any good?

Posted by Nicole Footer on 9 April 2014

Microsoft has stayed on the sidelines or been a bit player in the tablet and cloud computing revolution we are witnessing. Finally they have come to the party with Word, Excel and Powerpoint iOS apps. 

The Good Bits

  • A polished app, easy to download and install and Free, well only sort of as you can only view documents without a subscription
  • Menus are optimised for tablets and touchscreens and are intuitive for well versed Word users
  • Feature rich with far more in them than the competitiors without having the entire desktop versions functionality
  • Completely compatible with desktop Office versions for seamless transition from one platform to the other
  • SkyDrive set up and access is quick and easy with access to all existing documents

The Not so Good Bits

  • You have to have a subscription to Microsoft Cloud service to access editing and creation features. This can be either an existing Office365 account a a $100 inapp subscription purchase
  • No multi tasking possible, that is only one document can be open at a time. This is more the iPad limitation than the app
  • Need remote document storage on either SkyDrive or a business server using Sharpoint to access the files so that working offline is difficult. You can leave a document open, work on it offline and then synchronise when you come back online. Means you can only work on one document offline at any time.
  • Editing is not based in the cloud as with GoogleDocs, so that multiple versions may be edited by multiple users. In a highly collaborative environment this method is clunky and can cause problems.
  • Locks you into the Microsoft ecosystem further, but if you already use it on the desktop that is not a big problem

Source: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2014/4/2/technology/office-ipad-it-any-good

Author: Nicole Footer
About: With over 15 years experience in business systems consulting and project management, Nicole is passionate about harnessing technology to work for a business and enable you to work more on your business rather than in your business.
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